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The cleaning of shopping centres is the basis of their good trend, because sanitation is the best form of reception for any point of sale. Voice Service ensures experience and great professionalism, two key elements in the management of activities carried out within wide ares where there’s a continuous transit of goods and people.

of every corner

As we know, the shopping centres host within them a big variety of activities: supermarkets, shops, beauty salons, hairdressing salons, bars, cinemas, ecc. Voice Service ensures the use of quality detergents and special cleaning machines, in accordance with controls and protocols to guarantee deep hygiene of all surfaces including benches, shelves, shop windows, warehouses and toilets.

In the context of shopping centres, Voice Service pays particular attention to the sanitation of supermarkets and food shops, where hygiene and deterrence of food-selling premises are accompanied by careful controls and protocols to ensure consumer safety, elimination of bacteria and prevention of pests and other pathogens dangerous to the health of the consumer.

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Request a free quote from Voice Service Srl is very simple. In fact, just dial 800 666543, and the Lombard cleaning companies will provide you with a detailed cost and intervention schedule.

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