Doorman service


Thanks to its many years of experience in contact with large and small businesses in Northern Italy, Voice Service Srl has a catalog that also embraces the offer of a porter service, thanks to the availability of reliable and qualified personnel to carry out this task. The doorsteps suggested by the Milan firm, also active in Lecco, are able to carry out accurate surveillance and at the same time manage the inputs of staff and potential visitors.
The goalkeeper is a very sought-after figure for the work of condominiums and companies, since the presence of a guardian allows you to overcome a range of tasks ranging from vigilance to the reception of visitors, condominiums or workers. In addition, the figure attached to the doorman is the first deterrent for thieves and malicious ones. Voice Service Srl, thanks to the professionalism of its staff, guarantees the absolute security of all condominiums and a professional reception service.

Holders for companies and factories

Reception and input control

Thanks to its capillary presence on the territory, the Milanese company is able to offer goalkeepers throughout Northern Italy. The staff provided, though not armed, is perfectly able to handle all the typical tasks of a specific goalkeeper, including:
Receptionist, reception and entrance control;
  • Cleaning common parts;
  • Custody and vigilance;
  • Correspondence sorting;
  • Receive calls.
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Custom contracts

The doorstep offered by Voice Service Srl is a highly customizable service, according to the demands of companies and condominiums. In this way, the customer will be sure to reduce the cost of the service, with performance designed to ensure that the required job is performed. For more information, contact the company by using the contact page for this site.
Our toll free number is always on, call now for a free quote at 800 666 543!
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