Voice Service Srl is a cleaning company that operates with professionalism, products of excellence and qualified manpower, throughout the province of Milan. The Milanese company offers its customers a real package of services that includes cleaning works and integrated services that concern porch and other performance for the movement of goods, objects and small movers. The Milan firm is at the disposal of the client, private or corporate, for the preparation of personalized and free cleaning quotes. What are you waiting for? Fill out the contact form immediately.
Thanks to a multi-year experience and extensive service catalog, Voice Service Srl guarantees the cleaning of civil and industrial environments in the province of Milan, Lecco and all of Northern Italy. Thanks to the professionalism of its staff and a business philosophy based on customer satisfaction, the Lombardy company has a range of tailor made services tailored to the needs of the customer, in terms of hours and working days, so as to contain costs and Optimize intervention times.

Cleaning in
Civilian environments
And industrial

Integratedcleaning services

Voice Service Srl is a multitasking company and is prepared to sanitize and sanitize any civil and industrial environment, regardless of its size and location on the territory of northern Italy. The cleaning activities of the company are numerous and diversified:
  • Civil and residential;
  • Monthly;
  • For industrial buildings (factories and warehouses);
  • For swimming pools, gyms, sports centers;
  • For banks, malls, supermarkets.
donna mentre pulisce armadi da cucina con pulitore e della spugna

Qualified manpower

The integrated cleaning and services company operates with precision and punctuality to maintain high levels of residential and workplace hygiene thanks to the upgrading and training of an ultra-skilled manpower. Thanks to the above-mentioned staffing, Voice Service Srl ensures compliance with the sanitary hygiene rules for places and public services, with the use of safe machinery and cleaners for human health and hygiene in the environments.
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