Voice Service Srl offers a constant and timely service for the cleaning of shops, supermarkets and in general business premises in Milan and the province. The integrated services company in Milan cares about the store's hygiene, which must meet very high levels of cleanliness for sale to the public, guaranteeing the cleanness of the store and goods on the shelves. By relying on the Milan firm, we will ensure a clean and well-groomed environment that loosens the purchase more and enhances the image and reliability of the products and the shop itself, in the presence of customers. Do not hesitate to call for a quote for the sanitization of shops and show-rooms throughout the Lombardy province.
Voice Service Srl offers the professionalism of its staff for the cleaning of business premises, from shops to showrooms and to large shopping malls in the north. Thanks to the use of quality detergents and special cleaning machines, the Milan company ensures deep hygiene of all surfaces including benches, shelves, shop windows, warehouse and baths.

Hygiene of every room, from showroom to supermarket

Cleaning and controls 360 degrees

Voice Service Srl pays particular attention to the cleaning of supermarkets and grocery stores, where the hygiene and deterrence of food-selling premises is accompanied by careful controls and protocols to ensure consumer safety, elimination of bacteria And the prevention of pests and other pathogens dangerous to the health of the consumer.
Commercial cleaning includes a range of activities that can be tailored to small and large retail outlets:
  • Drying of shelves and exhibitors;
  • The deterrence of desks and showcases with non-toxic and bactericidal products;
  • Garbage flooring;
  • Washing tile, marble or stone,
  • Carpet and carpet smurfs;
  • Polishing floors;
  • Cleaning of casse, monitors and telephones;
  • Cleaning equipment and tools with sterilizing products
  • Sanitary wardrobes;
  • Sanitation, bathrooms open to the public;
  • Internal and external glazing
  • Polishing plates and insignia.

All sanitation activities

operaio mentre lavora con macchina per pulizia a pavimento commerciale

Times and methods of cleaning service

The meneghina company, which operates throughout Northern Italy, particularly in Lombardy and in the province of Milan, Monza and Brianza, guarantees a minimally invasive cleaning of the shops opening hours. This means that store cleaning takes place during business hours, or in the case of overtime, coinciding with inventory, shop window changing and local renewal.
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