Voice Service Srl is a very active reality, between Rho and Milan, for the provision of timely condominium cleaning services. This type of activity is highly demanded in the area and requires the specialization of a highly qualified company that can carry out all the great and small tasks that can affect the hygiene of the different areas and surfaces of which a condominium is formed: courtyards, stained glass windows, Stairs, landing, boiler rooms and many others to follow.
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Experience and guaranteed results

Condominium cleaning is one of the most demanding and widespread performances in the sanitation of civil and residential environments, and to provide an efficient and professional service, it is necessary to rely on a firm with proven experience. The Giglio boasts remarkable experience in cleaning up condominium environments, such as sanitation, elevators and stairwell cleaning.

The best hygiene for your condo

The Integrated Services and Cleaning Services of Milan is highly qualified to use the best detergents available on the market, which offer a comprehensive cleaning service, including cleaning and maintenance of common condo areas:
  • Washing scales;
  • Cleaning floors;
  • Sanitary elevators;
  • Wash basin and balloons;
  • Crystallization marble;
  • Cellar hygiene;
  • Sanificazione solai;
  • Cleaning apron and common parts.
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