Cleanings of schools
and nursery schools

GREEN SERVICE PULIZIE MILANO offers cleaning for all the schools dedicated to early childhood and adolescence in Milan and throughout the Metropolitan City area. With a well-trained staff and a regular updating on the key techniques of sanitation, that kind of service ensures the maintenance of a high level of cleanliness within the schools.


first of all

Nursery schools and schools are generally wide areas requiring functional and continuing actions. Performances offered by GREEN SERVICE PULIZIE MILANO are be addressed to an accurate cleaning, able to prevent the occurrence of hygiene and sanitary problems and to safeguard the welfare of children and teenagers.
Cleaning of schools and nursery schools includes all the locations where the students spend a large part of their time: classes, stairwells, playgrounds, fitnessrooms and toilettes. Particular attention must be paid to the school lunches, which are subjected to careful activities of cleaning and sanitation, so that goods which are prepared and stored therein are free of health risks and contaminations.

The proper treatment

for each area

Specific sanitation

Classrooms, shared spaces and passing spaces vary in accordance with the school complex, of course. In order to be able to make an appropriate activity, adapting on the particular needs of each school or nursery school, GREEN SERVICE PULIZIE MILANO proposes cleaning activities which are to be agreed on by the headmaster.

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