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Among the many activities offered by GREEN SERVICE PULIZIE MILANO are cleaning for restaurants, canteens and bars, in Milan and throughout the Metropolitan City area. For catering activities, a high degree of hygiene is essential to ensure the safety of the enthusiasts and to protect the good name of the activity from a fake and unhygienic site reputation. GREEN SERVICE PULIZIE MILANO offers accurate and professional service in Milan, Monza and Brianza, Lecco and all the provinces of Lombardy.



and security


A restaurant, being a food preparation business, requires an excellent sanitation degree to ensure a welcoming environment for its customers and the ideal setting for food preparation. Good housekeeping leads to an undeniable image benefit for the restaurant itself and consumer safety, which will be sure not to run into dishes prepared with products stored in dirty and unhealthy places.
Restaurants, taverns and pizzerias, as we have said many times, require a degree of impeccable hygiene and precisely for this factor, GREEN SERVICE PULIZIE MILANO staff is prepared to take care of the hygiene of every corner of a given dining activity:
Cleaning professional kitchens;
Washing floors,
Cleaning work surfaces;
Refrigerating and dispensing;
Sanitizing oven, hob, sinks;
Sterilization kitchen equipment;
Curtain washing;
Room cleaning, tables and chairs.



Hygiene in the kitchen

The kitchen is undoubtedly one of the most important venues for a restaurant and is the place to prepare dishes to serve the customers. For this reason, GREEN SERVICE PULIZIE MILANO sponsors a very strict protocol for cleaning such spaces. Thanks to the use of professional detergents, cleaning of the workbenches eliminates the most obstinate bacteria and prevents the formation of harmful pathogens for the health of the customers. The periodic operations of the Milan company also concern the sanitation of refrigerators and ovens, with the elimination of food residues and food waste. Activities are complemented by waste collection and emptying and collecting fryer oils.

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