Professional Sanification of Production Establishment in all Nord Italy

The professional sanitation of production facilities throughout Northern Italy requires professionalism and punctuality to ensure deep cleaning of large surfaces. The aforementioned activity requires the use of professional machinery that can reduce the intervention time, so as not to interfere with the production of the plant. In this field are includedfloor-to-floor washer and vacuum cleaners for efficient and quick cleaning.

The best hygienic


The Milanese company dedicates itself to the cleaning of industries, large factories and shopping malls, guaranteeing an impeccable result in every area of ​​the company thanks to the use of professional machinery:

pressure washers;

vacuum cleaner


Industrial polishers.

Voice Service Srl offers a comprehensive industrial cleaning service that reaches every area of ​​the production plant:

Sanitation production departments;

Cleaning common areas;

Washing machines and production lines

Fine shipyard cleaning;

Hygienic flooring;

Interior corridors;

Clearing and cleaning outdoor squares;

Care of flower beds and green areas.

Complete cleaning:

from the assembly line

to the outside areas

Sanitation of warehouses
and shopping malls

Industrial cleaning requires a more thorough and detailed work, especially in the presence of food and groceries. Voice Service Srl is dedicated to the deep cleaning of machines and surfaces of all types, according to the HACCP protocol. Thanks to specific products, the Milanese company eliminates stains and chemical and organic residues with ease and speed.

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