Cleaning in Companies and Places in all Lombardy

Voice Service Srl is a company with many years of experience in the sanitation of companies and workplaces in Milan, Lecco and Monza. The company, active throughout Lombardy, is able to guarantee seriousness and professionalism in the hygiene of offices and business areas, where impeccable detoxification is needed to provide a workplace in every corner.

The importance of

workplace hygiene

Ensuring a hygienic and perfectly clean workplace must be an indispensable prerogative for every company worthy of that name. This guarantee is required not only in food establishments but also in service companies, such as commercial offices and manufacturing facilities, in order to offer the worker an ideal and comfortable environment where they can best theirs. The elimination of dust and the washing of machinery and work tools, allows the carrying out of activities in a healthy and fragrant environment for all workers.
The qualified staff of Voice Service Srl carries out its cleaning activities by operating with ad hoc detergents for every type of surface or machine. The staff intervenes daily, or with periodic or extraordinary cleaning of industries, offices, canteens and common areas. The Milan cleaning company deals with the following tasks:

Dusting computers, monitors, keyboards, telephones;

Cleaning machines with non-corrosive detergents;

Washing desks, assembly benches;

Washing floors and carpet;

Hygienic sanitary and baths;

Sanificazione kitchens and cleaning mens aziendali;

Internal and external glazing.

Professional tools

at the service of

our experts

Agreed sanitation

As many may perceive, each workplace is different from one another, depending on size, activity, and other criteria. For this reason, Voice Service Srl offers tailor made cleaning services to the companies in which it operates. Call free at +393714716060 to set a useful estimate for a budget estimate.

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