Civil and Residential Cleaning Professionals in Milan and Province

GREEN SERVICE PULIZIE MILANO, for over thirty years, represents the best of civil and residential cleaning companies in Milan and throughout the province. The firm dedicates itself to the profound ingenuity of flats and villas, but also of condominiums and country houses. GREEN SERVICE PULIZIE MILANO is the ideal solution for all mummies and customers who work in a family and want a clean and orderly home.

Hygiene in every
corner of the house

The personnel at the service of GREEN SERVICE PULIZIE MILANO dedicates to the complete cleaning of every corner of the house and to the hygiene and washing, with ad hoc products of all surfaces:
Indoor and outdoor flooring
Marble, cooked, stoneware and tiles;
Glass cleaning;
Dry and wet dusting;
Hygiene sanitation and baths.
The manpower is enabled for the use of professional machinery such as vacuum cleaners, scrubbers and polishing machines.

Carpet washing is a very important task and often can not be done in "do-it-yourself" mode. The particular conformation of this surface favors the nausea of dust and bacteria and this makes it compulsory to turn to a specialized company and equipped with the right machinery. GREEN SERVICE PULIZIE MILANO has all the equipment to carry out a precise job and aim to obtain surfaces perfectly free from mites and parasites. The Milanese company is also specialized in interior and exterior glass cleaning and is available to clean the yard and environments being restructured.

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