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For a hotel, the degree of hygiene and cleaning is one of the main parameters for the guest’s judgment. Failure to focus on this factor could compromise the image of a structure in the eyes of customers, causing serious economic damage, especially if we consider the viral circle of certain platforms for user reviews. In order to protect themselves from this risk, many of Lombardy’s facilities have been entrusted to the hotel service by GREEN SERVICE PULIZIE MILANO. What are you waiting for? Also call the toll-free number and request an inspection immediately.

Hotel cleaning

The hotel cleaning service set up by the GREEN SERVICE PULIZIE MILANO covers a range of services designed to provide balmy and bright environments:

Remodeling rooms
Change of linens and linens;
Sanitation mattresses and beds;
Cleaning flooring and furnishings;
Washing baths;
Towel and personal hygiene products;
Extraordinary cleaning of glass, washing carpets and pastures;
Custom packages tailored to the customer’s requirements.

The cleaning of hotels and inns is not limited to the reorder of the rooms, but it also covers interventions on all the interior and exterior spaces of the accommodation:

Polishing marble flooring;
Brushing carpets and passports;
Plaster furniture;
Re-arrange reception rooms and breakfast rooms with dishwashing dishes;
Glass wash;
Cleaning of professional kitchens;
Tablecloths and tableware.


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