Ordinary and Exstraordinary Cleasing in Milan and Surroundings

Professional cleaning works are some of the main activities of GREEN SERVICE PULIZIE MILANO, which works for ordinary and extraordinary cleaning, in Milan and throughout the province of Meneghina. Ever since serving private, public and industrial buyers, Lombardy can boast of being one of the best and most sought-after realities in the area.


GREEN SERVICE PULIZIE MILANO, for over thirty years, represents the best of civil and residential cleaning companies in Milan and throughout the province. The firm dedicates itself to the profound ingenuity of flats and villas, but also of condominiums and country houses.



he offices require specific and accurate cleaning: here, as in any other business context where people spend most of their day, it is indispensable to ensure the highest levels of cleanliness and hygiene, ensuring the comfort and safety of workers .



GREEN SERVICE PULIZIE MILANO is a very active reality, between Rho and Milan, for the provision of timely condominium cleaning services. This type of activity is highly demanded in the area and requires the specialization of a highly qualified company that can carry out all the great and small tasks that can affect the hygiene of the different areas and surfaces of which a condominium is formed: courtyards, stained glass windows, Stairs, landing, boiler rooms and many others to follow.


Commercial LocationCleaning

GREEN SERVICE PULIZIE MILANOoffers a constant and timely service for the cleaning of shops, supermarkets and in general business premises in Milan and the province. The integrated services company in Milan cares about the store’s hygiene, which must meet very high levels of cleanliness for sale to the public, guaranteeing the cleanness of the store and goods on the shelves.


GREEN SERVICE PULIZIE MILANO is a company with many years of experience in the sanitation of companies and workplaces in Milan, Lecco and Monza. The company, active throughout Lombardy, is able to guarantee seriousness and professionalism in the hygiene of offices and business areas, where impeccable detoxification is needed to provide a workplace in every corner.



The professional sanitation of production facilities throughout Northern Italy requires professionalism and punctuality to ensure deep cleaning of large surfaces. The aforementioned activity requires the use of professional machinery that can reduce the intervention time, so as not to interfere with the production of the plant.


Industrial EstablishmentCleaning

The integrated services company Milan specializes in industrial and civilian cleaning in Milan and also in the Lecco area. Thanks to the positive opinions of the customers, the company has become a reference point for industries and manufacturing plants that require a timely and well-prepared partner to ensure the cleanliness of goods and machinery.



Among the many activities offered by GREEN SERVICE PULIZIE MILANO are cleaning for restaurants, canteens and bars, in Milan and throughout the Metropolitan City area. For catering activities, a high degree of hygiene is essential to ensure the safety of the enthusiasts and to protect the good name of the activity from a fake and unhygienic site reputation



For a hotel, the degree of hygiene and cleaning is one of the main parameters for the guest’s judgment. Failure to focus on this factor could compromise the image of a structure in the eyes of customers, causing serious economic damage, especially if we consider the viral circle of certain platforms for user reviews.


Manpower specializing in any kind of cleaning

Punctuality, precision and above all a shining and shining result are some of the main features of the performance offered by Il Giglio's staff. Qualified labor is always ready to intervene to provide a complete service and products to clean every surface, in civil, public, industrial and corporate environments. Getting a quote is very easy and you just have to fill out the appropriate contact form in the Home Page of this site. In a short time, your request will be met with a proposal that will take account of the products to be used, depending on the type of surface to be treated and the size of the area affected by the intervention.

Ordinary cleaning interventions

The integrated service company of Rho, also based in Milan, guarantees the following ordinary cleaning services:

Apartments, cottages and villas



Offices and work environments



sport centers


Extra benefits

In addition to the classic home cleaning and ball of the above-mentioned ordinary operations, GREEN SERVICE PULIZIE MILANO stands out from competition for a series of extraordinary work designed specifically for the surface to be cleaned, sanitized and treated with specific products:

Marble floors

Terracotta surfaces

Ceramic floorings




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