The Best Cleaning Company in Rho and all the Province of Milan

GREEN SERVICE is a cleaning company that operates with professionalism, products of excellence and qualified manpower, throughout the province of Milan. The Milanese company offers its customers a real package of services that includes cleaning works and integrated services that concern porch and other performance for the movement of goods, objects and small movers. The Milan firm is at the disposal of the client, private or corporate, for the preparation of personalized and free cleaning quotes. What are you waiting for? Fill out the contact form immediately.

Cleaning in

Civilian environments

And industrial

Thanks to a multi-year experience and extensive service catalog, GREEN SERVICE guarantees the cleaning of civil and industrial environments in the province of Milan, Lecco and all of Northern Italy. Thanks to the professionalism of its staff and a business philosophy based on customer satisfaction, the Lombardy company has a range of tailor made services tailored to the needs of the customer, in terms of hours and working days, so as to contain costs and Optimize intervention times.
GREEN SERVICE is a multitasking company and is prepared to sanitize and sanitize any civil and industrial environment, regardless of its size and location on the territory of northern Italy. The cleaning activities of the company are numerous and diversified:


cleaning services

Civil and residential

GREEN SERVICE, for over thirty years, represents the best of civil and residential cleaning companies in Milan and throughout the province. The firm dedicates itself to the profound ingenuity of flats and villas, but also of condominiums and country houses. GREEN SERVICE is the ideal solution for all mummies and customers who work in a family and want a clean and orderly home.


The offices require specific and accurate cleaning: here, as in any other business context where people spend most of their day, it is indispensable to ensure the highest levels of cleanliness and hygiene, ensuring the comfort and safety of workers .
Office cleaning requires flexible intervention times, willingness to work even at nighttime, established practices for covering areas that are difficult to handle and for cleaning delicate surfaces.

For swimming pools, gyms, sports centers

GREEN SERVICE is a very active reality, between Rho and Milan, for the provision of timely condominium cleaning services. This type of activity is highly demanded in the area and requires the specialization of a highly qualified company that can carry out all the great and small tasks that can affect the hygiene of the different areas and surfaces of which a condominium is formed: courtyards, stained glass windows, Stairs, landing, boiler rooms and many others to follow.

For industrial buildings (factories and warehouses)

The professional sanitation of production facilities throughout Northern Italy requires professionalism and punctuality to ensure deep cleaning of large surfaces. The aforementioned activity requires the use of professional machinery that can reduce the intervention time, so as not to interfere with the production of the plant. In this field are includedfloor-to-floor washer and vacuum cleaners for efficient and quick cleaning.